Faerie Dragons


A faerie dragon is a mischievous branch of the dragon family tree.

Physical Description

Faerie dragons, at 1 to 2 feet long, are extremely small in comparison to their large metallic or chromatic dragon cousins. They have iridescent scales that reflect all colors of the rainbow. They have platinum colored butterfly-like wings and a long, prehensile tail.

Invisible Tricksters

The only warning of a faerie dragon’s presence is a stifled giggle. The dragon stays out of sight, watching invisibly as its victims contend with its pranks. When its fun is done, the dragon might reveal itself, depending on the disposition of its “prey.”

Friendly and Bright

A faerie dragon has a sharp mind, a fondness for treasure and good company, and a puckish sense of humor. Travelers can play to a faerie dragon’s draconic nature by offering it “treasure” in the form of sweets, baked goods, a nd baubles in exchange for information or safe passage through its territory.

The Colors of Age

A faerie dragon’s scales change hue as it ages, moving through all the colors of the rainbow. All faerie dragons have innate spellcasting ability, gaining new spells as they mature.

Dragon Color Age Range (years)
Red 5 or less
Orange 6-10
Yellow 11-20
Green 21-30
Blue 31-40
Indigo 41-50
Violet 51 or more


A faerie dragon prefers to deal with enemies from a distance. They use their magical abilities to confuse and bewilder foes. They rarely fight alone and often call upon allies in a fight. They will enter melee only if seriously pressed. Some faerie dragons have the ability to shift in and out of existence to avoid danger, though this ability is not always successful.

Like all dragons, they have the tendency to be pranksters, although faerie dragons take this pursuit to a whole new level. They are often referred to as the pranksters of the wild.


Faerie dragons normally travel in groups and have been seen with faeries, pixies, and sprites. They build their lairs out of spider silk, dry grass and leaves, and twigs and small sticks within the branches of the trees. Additionally, they may make their lairs out of the hollows of the trees.


Faerie dragons eat mostly small bugs that they can catch in the air, within the trees and bushes, and on the ground. They may also feed on berries and nectar.

Faerie Dragons

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