Path of the Polestars

Chapter 1
First Mission: Special Delivery

Eleasis 24, 1490 DR

We first meet our group of adventurers in Sanctum Cross, a growing town in a region known as the Vast. The group has demonstrated their skills and recently passed a difficult initiation challenge, becoming newly minted members of the Guild of the Polestars. Now, as fledgling guild members, they seek out ways to assist the town and further the work of the guild. After speaking with local store owner John Mercy, they come across their first mission: Deliver a package to an alchemist who lives in the Gray Forest.

Soon after departing the town and heading into the Gray Forest, the group encounters a runaway carriage, which they manage to not so much slow down as to topple over to stop. Inside is Darvin Amblecrown, a courier between Sanctum Cross and Lyrabar, the capital city of Impiltur. The carriage driver, Sven, who had somehow fallen out of his seat, soon catches up to the group and helps them right the carriage. In return for their help, Darvin presents the group with a ruby ring, and they depart once again for the alchemist’s lab.

As they get closer to their destination, the group heads down a smaller path which diverges from the Viand Road, the main road through the forest. Along this smaller path, they encounter a large spider sitting atop a massive web amongst the trees just over the path. When the group sends an illusion to pass underneath the spider, it disappears in a bright flash, reappearing right next to the illusion. Combat ensues with not just one, but two of these phase spiders, which the group manages to defeat. A rather curious encounter, Ewen and Zook recognize that phase spiders are not native to Faerûn, but rather the Feywild, also known as the plane of Faerie. Pondering what this encounter means, the group makes camp for the evening, looking forward to making it to the alchemist’s lab the next day.

What other mysterious encounters await our group on this seemingly simple first mission? Find out next time on the continuing adventures along the Path of the Polestars!


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