Path of the Polestars

Chapter 19

Eleint 12, 1490 DR

Stayed at Momo’s Respite overnight

Eleint 13, 1490 DR

Journeyed back to Sanctum Cross

Eleint 14, 1490 DR

Promoted to Journeyman tier in the guild

Talked with Willam Wise about the elven ruins

Transferred Aegis to Old Wiseman’s Tower for repair and study

Chapter 18
Exploring the Crypt, Part II

Eleint 12, 1490 DR

Explore the crypt

Find magic weapons

Meet Sergin Melandrus

Chapter 17
Exploring the Crypt

Eleint 12, 1490 DR

Explore crypt

Chapter 16
Journey Back from Lyrabar

Eleint 10, 1490 DR

Make it to Midway

Eleint 11, 1490 DR

Make it to Momo’s Respite

Eleint 12, 1490 DR

Warswords/Warwands depart

Knights travel to explore crypt in elven ruins

Chapter 15

Eleint 8, 1490 DR

Talk to Towers of the Wind wizards

Visit Warwands Tower

Eleint 9, 1490 DR

Set off back to Sanctum Cross

Spar with 4th Squad that evening

Chapter 14

Eleint 8, 1490 DR

Decide to partake in training session against 4th Squad

Receive answer from Grand General – all 4 squads to relocate to protect Echocrest effective immediately

Chapter 13

Eleint 8, 1490 DR

Partake in training session against 2nd Squad

Chapter 12

Eleint 7, 1490 DR

More shopping

Go to Warwands Citadel and deliver message; asked to spend the night for answer to troop request

Eleint 8, 1490 DR

Decide to partake in training session against 2nd Squad

Chapter 11

Eleint 6, 1490 DR

Continue on Journey

Encounter Madame Mafalda

Make it to Lyrabar – stay the night

Eleint 7, 1490 DR

Visit Wise Family Archive/Library


Chapter 10

Eleint 3, 1490 DR

Return to Sanctum Cross

Eleint 4, 1490 DR

Receive reward from trade caravan members

Talk to Randal Hawkshadow about hobgoblin threat

Retrieve items from Willam Wise; get note for access to Wise Family Archives in Lyrabar

Eleint 5, 1490 DR

Set off on horseback for Lyrabar

Stop to explore more of elven ruins

Find elven crypt, but do not explore it

Continue on journey; make it to Midway


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