Willam Wise

Conjurer and Archivist for the Guild of the Polestars


Willam Wise is a 62-year-old charismatic and friendly man. He is a seasoned and studied practitioner of the arcane arts, specializing in conjuration magic, and he serves as the official archivist for the Guild of the Polestars.

Forty years of injuries suffered in the field and the countless hours spent studying his books have taken their toll on Willam’s spine. He walks with the help of a cane and is not able to carry much weight. That does not seem to be a big problem for him, though—his Unseen Servant and Mage Hand spells help a lot with completing the mundane tasks. He is so used to summoning the Mage Hand that, many times, he does not even know that he is using it, calling on this magic power to scratch his head, twist the doorknob, shake someone’s hand, or perform other trivial actions.


Willam became friends with Anzen Sanctus when they were still children, as their families live close together back in the city of Lyrabar. The Wise family has a long tradition of raising wizards and scholars, and they are the curators of a massive library in the capital city of Impiltur.

Like many of his family members, William showed aptitude to the arcane arts and started his studies early. A few times during his youth he accompanied Anzen exploring the wilderness and seemed to enjoy the tales he could tell after such adventures.

Once he was 22 years old, Willam had enough knowledge of spells to be considered a dangerous adversary. At that time, Anzen decided to move out of the city to the wilderness beyond. With the blessing of his relatives, and an action that fortified the bonds between both the Wise and Sanctus families, Willam packed his books and departed along with Anzen’s caravan, relocating to what would become Sanctum Cross.

Willam Wise

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