Varis is of average height with a slight, athletic frame. His black hair is long, falling near his mid back, and straight, simply adorned by thin braids running down from his temples. He has large, bright hazel eyes and copper skin darkened by years of training in the high mountain sun. He wears the simple, well made gray vestments of the Monastery with a matching satchel slung over his shoulder. The only splashes of color are the yellow roses embroidered into the sash holding the quiver on his right hip.


Major Events:
- Born in 1395 as Varis Liadon to a semi-nomadic tribe of hunter-gatherers in the Earthwood; he is known by many names, Varis Silverfrond, Varis Swift-Arrow and Master Varis to name a few but to those outside the Monastery and his homeland he is simply Varis
- Recruited by Kane of the Monastery of the Yellow Rose, in 1430. Kane noticed what he called “a stillness” in the boy while observing him shooting his bow; his father was a Ranger friend of the Monastery who maintained the Watcher’s Mounds in the area so he offered Varis into Kane’s care for training; he willing agreed to go
- Spent the next 5 decades training in the Monastery and serving as a Watcher; In 1483 he discovered the ability to focus his ki into a bow becoming the first Disciple to begin walking the Path of the Bow; he was elevated to the rank of Master and offered students to teach his new Path to, he declined stating he wasn’t ready to teach a Path he’d only begun to walk
- In 1484 Kane transcended his mortal body; Varis took this as a sign to begin wandering and performing good deeds as his mentor was known to do
- He returned to the Monastery only once since then, in the spring thaw of 1490 to be accepted into the newly formed Order of the Rose; he promised to return again when he was ready to challenge for the rank of Master of Dragons

Notable Relationships:
- He strives daily to embody the virtues of St. Sollars the Twice Martyred and Ilmater and is completely loyal to the Monastary
- Varis’ still has family in the Earthwood region
- His best friend at the Monastery is a Human Monk named Whil; they’ve been training together for over 4 decades; as most Humans do, Whil has already passed the challenge to become a Master of Dragons, decades ago
- As word spreads of his discovery he finds himself more and more sought out; both by potential students asking to be trained and by those wishing to test their skills against his


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