Trina Keensmell

Daughter of Nifis and Teeri Keensmell


Trina is blossoming into a beautiful young lady. At 45 years of age Trina is reaching adulthood for gnomes.
Her parents, Nifis and Teeri, have been a living example of a happy loving relationship. Trina hopes that she will find such a loving relationship for herself one day. Trina has always enjoyed exploring the woods and traveling to see new things. She loves hearing the tales of adventurers, and has thought about pursuing an adventurers life for herself.
She recently met a group of adventurers from the guild. They were delivering a package for her father, and a very handsome gnome wizard named Zook caught her attention in particular. She now often finds herself thinking about Zook, and what kind of adventure he might be on. Will she ever see him again? What stories will he have to tell? Will he have done so much that he won’t even remember the dinner that he had with me and my family?


Trina Keensmell

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