Randal Hawkshadow

Commander of the Sanctum Cross Guardwatch


At 25 years old, Randal Hawkshadow is the current commander of the Guardwatch of Sanctum Cross and the youngest person to have held the position in the town’s history. He is also one of the first true “natives” of Sanctum Cross, born to a family which settled in the fledgling village when it was first built. He is the most respected person in the town, apart from Anzen Sanctus. He trains the guards, listens to the population, fights for peace, and evaluates those aspiring to join the Guild of the Polestars.

Randal is friendly and will engage in conversation. In battle, he will try to avoid unnecessary bloodshed. If it is possible to capture a foe alive, or to fend off a beast without killing it, he will do so.


Randal’s father served as a guard for the initial outpost and was considered to be one of the best watchmen by Anzen Sanctus himself.

Randal joined the Guardwatch when he was a teenager, while his father still served. He showed great fighting skills and a natural ability to assist his companions in combat. Many times, he saved the life of a fellow guard in difficult fights. His love for Sanctum Cross, the respect of the townsfolk, and the admiration of the other guards quickly shaped him into a natural leader.

Randal’s parents recently passed away, an event that spurred him into moving to live in the guild as a result. He is not married, although several women in town would like to change that.

Randal Hawkshadow

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