Mara Raseri


Mara Raseri grew up at the Monastery of the Yellow Rose. She had been found out in the wilderness by one of the Watchers of the Monastery after an attack on her family, and from age 2 (15 years ago) until recently worked for the monks doing daily chores, learning to fight, and assisting in the protection of the monastery. She recently decided to leave the monastery to see more of the world and assist in stopping injustice against the innocent. Her joining the Guild of the Polestars fits her desire for justice.

Not many have seen someone of Mara Raseri’s appearance. She is tall (7 feet) and looks as solid as the Earthspur mountains. In fact, her skin blends with the dark grey of the mountains. Her hair is black and her head has been shaved so that there is only a strip of hair from her hairline to the back of her head, where the hair hangs down and is gathered with a bit of rope. You could mistake her for an orc, as she has small tusks and the odd ears, except that her eyes are a bright green and she has black slash markings on her face that travel from under her eyes to around and below her jawline, and onto her throat. She wears a simple greenish-grey long-sleeved top underneath a dark grey coat, and grey, loose pants with black, high boots. Her backpack appears to carry all manner of things, including a small, half-carved sculpture in bone that appears to be a work in progress.

She is generous and open (and loud!), and always enjoys carousing and buying drinks for her friends—and frequently strangers as well. You would do well, however, to avoid making her angry. The name Raseri means “rage,” and was given to her by an unfortunate monk during a sparring session when she was 10. Thankfully, he still has the one working eye.

Mara Raseri

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