Jolly Momo

Innkeeper of Momo's Respite in the Gray Forest


Moses Morrison, known to most people as Jolly Momo, is a tall and large human who runs his own inn within the Gray Forest, approximately halfway between Sanctum Cross and Midway. He is extremely friendly and likes good music, dance, and any kind of entertainment. He likes to run his inn and to cook during the evening, especially when bards are playing. In fact, most bards in the region know that a good song means a free drink at Momo’s Respite—at least, when Momo is around.

Momo’s Respite

Momo’s inn is very small and simple. The rooms are tiny, and most of the beds are in the basement, with curtains to provide some privacy. The staff keeps the inn clean and are friendly to travelers, especially to generous tippers.

The staff includes:

  • three stable boys, who tend to the horses and carriages and also prepare the hot and cold baths
  • two bartenders
  • a cook, who is only on duty when Jolly Momo isn’t cooking
  • two strong bouncers, armed to keep the peace
  • four maids, who clean the rooms and wash the linens

Momo is a generous man. He sometimes allows travelers short on money to sleep for free in the stables if there are no horses using the space. Members of the Guild of the Polestars can have a bed in the basement if they promise to pay later.

He does not like real violence, but a fistfight is entertainment for Momo, as long as his inn doesn’t get damaged.

When there are bards or any kind of performers in his inn, he will offer them a mug of cheap ale after a good performance, and maybe one of his famous pork pies to go with it.


Jolly Momo

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