John Mercy

Operator of the General Store in Sanctum Cross and childhood friend of Anzen Sanctus


John Mercy is the operator of the Sanctum Cross General Store and is a close childhood friend of Anzen Sanctus. He is 55 years old, friendly, talkative and healthy. Many townsfolk admire his disposition.


On a dark and foggy night, a basket was left in front of the Temple of Ilmater, the god of suffering and perseverance, in the city of Lyrabar. Inside was a child, roughly one year old, and a crudely written note bearing the word “Mercy.” The acolytes heard the baby’s cry and brought him to the attention of the priests. The priests took good care of the baby during his short stay in the temple, but they knew that a child could not be raised there. They sought help from the city’s noble families and merchants.

The Sanctus family was quick to answer, taking the baby to their manor to be raised by the housekeeping staff. The child was received with great joy and was named John Mercy by the chief housekeeper. In a house that already had five little lords, raising a helpless baby was not a burden to the staff.

John grew amongst the working staff. He was taught how to read and write, and, once old enough, he was eager to help with any tasks. He soon became a stable boy and excelled at assisting the staff. He was especially good at packing provisions and tools in the saddle bags, putting an extra effort into making them easy and quick to retrieve. Anzen Sanctus, who was a few years older than John Mercy, liked to play with him when they were young. Impressed with John’s skills, Anzen, once he started leading his own hunting parties, made sure that only John would prepare his horse.

A few times, Anzen invited young John to come along on shorter adventures, which John gladly joined. He was happy to set up camp, tend to the horses, and just admire the landscape. He would not partake in the hunting, but was glad to hear the tales at the bonfire before retiring to his tent. When Anzen decided to move out of his family’s estate in Lyrabar, John, enthralled with the idea of traveling to new lands, asked if he could join young Lord Sanctus.

Once in the outpost, he showed great skills in organizing the vital stocks that would nourish the guards and staff as well as the maintenance supplies that would keep the outpost running. As the years passed and John grew into an experienced man, he became responsible for all the outpost’s supplies. He grew closer to Lord Sanctus and would accompany him on many quests, being happy to set up the finest camping site possible and choose the best equipment for the adventurers.

Once the Guild of the Polestars was created, John was put in charge of the General Store; a duty that he heartily accepted and still takes great pride in. His experience in setting up camps and packing for adventurers makes him a reference for advice on quests. Many adventurers will consult him before leaving on expeditions, and he knows a great deal about the town as well.

John Mercy

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