Teenaged Wood-Elf with a stable family life and little ennui


A 74 years old, teenaged wood elf, I was born in the Gray Forest, quite near the new town of Sanctum Cross. I am the second child of a middle class wood elf family. I had a well-adjusted upbringing in the supportive enclave of our fairly ordinary wood elf community. Neither of my parents were tragically killed by anything, and still are living together in the same tree where I grew up. My father travelled fairly distantly in his younger days as an emissary for the enclave and has even been to Evermeet, if the stories are to be believed. He talks a lot about things outside the forest, but he hasn’t really left in the past almost 100 years, instead enjoying being with the family. My mother is a musician and taught me to play the ocarina which I use to signal to my friends and to enchant forest animals or just to play along with the music of nature.

I am a guide for some of those who have visited us, and know my way around in the woods quite well. I fish and trap and hunt. My older sister is an artist. My younger brother is also a woodling, hanging out in the wilds all the time. He followed me around constantly for about 15 years, it was Soooooo annoying. Now at 45 he finally has some friends to hang out with.

I started apprenticing with my uncle, a priest of Corellon, when I was younger. He’s kind of nutty, so much of our time is spent wandering the forest, enjoying the natural world and trying to always see the balance in it.

I find the influx of all the new people to the region interesting, and am curious about whether all my father’s dumb stories are true, so I enjoy sitting and watching the new folks. I don’t see them as an invading force, or threat. Most incoming people don’t have the first idea how to live in the forest.

I have always been interested in magic and see it as perhaps the guiding force that drives the universe? A lot of my wood elf enclave would probably say that nature is the overriding force, but I see it almost as if nature is the material reflection of the magic that underlies and drives things. I believe that Corellon uses that magic to order our world, and as such I draw upon his power and perspective to help maintain this world, knowing that nature is an amoral force, that life and death, good and evil, fun and boredom, all are swirling aspects of balance carried by the currents of magic underlying all.

So when the opportunity to help as one of the guides in the new guild came up, I jumped at the chance to work with some of the outlanders coming to this area, and to learn more about them and the world.

I don’t prefer to fight, but am not averse to a scrap or two. I carry my staff with me about everywhere, it’s like a fourth leg to me (if you get my meaning, ladies). I’m a dead shot with the bow and throw a pretty accurate dagger, but i’m more likely to be found fooling around with them than actually killing things (unless it’s for dinner).


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